Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Gold of the Gods

Author:Bear Grylls
Publisher:Red Fox
Published date:2008
Bear Grylls is a real life survival expert.Bear has a black belt in karate an expert climber and is serving in the British S.A.S.He is the youngest person to climb Mt.Everest and he got into the Guinness Book Of Records for doing so.Bear has his own world wide T.V series Man VS Wild and is starting a new one,not in the jungle but in the city.

The book is about finding the Lost City Of Gold. They lost there G.P.S in a water fall.They find a native tribe the Mama Kojeks.They didn't fully trust them but then Beck convinces them to give him the amulet so Beck gets a amulet that will guide them to the Lost City.

The surroundings are dense bush and are deadly animals all around.It is the Colombian jungle
witch is wet,slippery and very cold.Even when the sun is shining, deep in the jungle it is still very cold.
when Beck gets to the Lost City he has to climb 1000 steps to get in to the Lost City.

The characters are Beck,The Twins and Christina.
Beck is the survival expert of all 13 year old kids and is the only reason that the team might not die,dehydrate or get bitten from a poisonous snake or bug.

Christina doesn't have much skills to help Beck through out the book but sometimes she helps in her own way.

The Twins are a bit more helpful trough the book because they get some good ideas that Beck doesn't think of as fast as The Twins do.

The book was a good read and I would recommend  it to all adventure book readers.8 out of 10


Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Tittle: Dragon

Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: 1990

Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California.  Clive Cussler attended Pasadna City college then joined the air force. Clive has won national honours for writing.  He also has three kids. 

The adventure starts at the bottom of the Pacific ocean in an underwater facility looking for minerals.  As the plot unravels they find themselves on a seemingly deserted island.  Back in Washington DC they hunt through huge buildings looking for the threat.

Dirk Pitt
Is a brave man who has a love for the sea. In a tight spot he is calm and funny.  When he's not out at sea he's researching shipwrecks or hunting treasure.

Albert Giordino AKA Al
Is also very brave has a love for the sea.  His passion is to fly aircraft.  He has many close friends and is a very social person.  Al is also very adventurous.

A mysterious explosion destroying a marine biologist boat and a transporter in the Pacific area sparks trouble shooter Dirk Pitt's mind as he hunts for the cause and crosses paths with a group of Japaneses businessmen and samurai. Dirk Pitt slowly unravels a sinister plot to blackmail the U.S.A.

I think you should read this book because It leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat wanting to read the next page. Some bits are very funny others are sad but the rest is exciting.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Sands Of The Scorpion

Author: Bear Grylls
Publisher: Red Fox
Publication date: 2009

Bear Grylls is an author who knows how to survive in different environments.

Beck is a teenage boy who likes adventures and knows alot of survival skill's.  Peter is a teenage boy who is more of a city boy than Beck.  He doesn't have as many survival skills as Beck.

Beck an Peter find themselves stranded in the middle of a hot sandy desert. They are fighting the heat and scorpions.

Beck and Peter are traveling with Beck's Uncle Al to Africa for one of his meetings.  When they get to their hotel Uncle Al goes to meet up with some people.  Beck and Peter go swimming and spot some suspicious looking men.  After awhile they go back to their room.  They still see the men.  Peter decides to follow them.  They end up at the airport.  The men were getting in a plane.  Beck and Peter jump in to trying not to get caught. They open a box that is full off tuna and take one.  As the plane takes off one of the men come out and shut the door.  Beck and Peter don't know what to do until Beck sees the parachutes.  Peter gets the planes medical kit and the axe.  They open the door and jump.  They float down into the the desert.  Now Beck has to find what way's north and his survival skills are put to the test to get himself and Peter to the nearest village.

People will love this book because it gives you great tips on how to survive in the wild. When you read this book you will not wont to stop till you get to the last page.

By Stacy